Cowboy Home Decor – How to Bring the West to Your Home

One of the classic home decor looks that continues to be popular is western or cowboy home decor. Luckily it has become more refined over the years and is no longer about creating rooms that look straight out of a western movie set, hay bales and all. Similar to country music, cowboy or western home decor has grown a more distinguished and fashionable image.

Depending on your particular tastes and needs, you can find the right cowboy home decor. Whether it be the elegantly western styled home or a fun children’s cowboy theme room. Keep in mind that the western or cowboy home decor style concentrates on a rural and casual, comfortable living feel. Use this concept as a guide when creating your room.

So how do you create the cowboy look? A simple strategy is to use a top- down design plan. In other words, what would you like to see on the ceiling, walls and floor. Also consider furniture pieces and accents. For the ceiling naturally you want to consider lighting options, for the walls paint and art work, and on the floor decide on rugs or flooring.

When deciding on your options, look for materials that are common to the cowboy western look. Consider natural materials like leather, suede, denim, wood and cast iron or metal pieces. Colors again should be very natural or neutral. Try not to use colors that are very vibrant and stand out.

You can really have fun with this style whether it’s for an adult or a children’s room. The best part is probably picking out the accent pieces. Here are some home decor ideas to get you started, horse themed art work, fur rugs (fake fur preferably), denim pillows, twig styled lamps, iron candle holders, cowboy print bedding or curtains, and on and on. Use your imagination. Look at old cowboy movies for inspiration on decorating a western cowboy room. Remember there are no rules to decorating so go ahead and try new home decor ideas.