Home Decor – Guide to Wall Art

You may have the perfect furniture throughout your home, but still feel like there is something missing. It’s probably the walls. Look at your walls. What’s on them? If your answer is paint and a decorative border you are ignoring a major space in your home that could have a much more personal touch.

Wall art gives that personal touch. There are a variety of wall art options that you can choose from to show off a little style in every room of your home:


If you are an art-lover at heart, you may want to bring one of your favorite paintings home from the gallery next time you are out and put it in your home. A painting is a way to get a very personal glimpse inside the owner of the home, as all pieces of art speak to the people who purchase them.


If you would like to add some art, but with a soft touch, to a room in your home, go no further than wall tapestries. While sometimes paintings and other wall art pieces are just a little too cold or stiff for a room, such as a dressing room or bedroom, tapestries are rich beautiful images that still retain a soft and supple feeling.


There are a variety of photos that can be put on a wall in your home. It could be you choose family photos to show off those you love and care for. Perhaps you prefer photos of the places you have been to recall your fun world travels.

The other option is to choose photos based on their artistic style. Photographers are capturing images of nearly every aspect of life and once framed on your wall these images can become the masterpiece that gets everyone talking.


While most people think sculptures belong on a table, there are plenty of other places you can put sculptures in your home. Some sculptures are made to be hung from a wall instead of set on a tabletop. Even your tabletop sculptures can have a place on your walls. There are plenty of individual wall shelves you can attach to the wall. There are even clear ones to make it seem as if your sculpture is floating on air.

Furniture pieces

Have too many books for your bookshelf? What about wanting a little corner nook to pretend you have escaped the rest of the world. This is what special wall-mounted furniture pieces can offer. From small bookshelves to tabletops that come out of the wall, there are plenty of artistically crafted furniture pieces that can fit the bill.

No matter what your home decorative theme and style, you can always add a few touches to really complete the look. Often these finishing touches come in the form of wall art pieces that add to the room’s look as a whole as well as adding a bit of your personal creative taste at the same time.

Social Networking for Amateur Home Decorators

Social networking for amateur home decorators is one of the newest trends on the internet. The social network provides a neighborhood where amateur home decorators can showcase their projects and receive feedback and inspiration from other members of the community.

We know what we like and aren’t afraid to do the work ourselves. We will usually tackle just about any project, no professional landscapers, interior designers or decorators needed.

A little bit of advice, suggestions and ideas are certainly welcome from professionals and other home decorators. But, that’s were it stops! We have fun and welcome the challenges that come with decorating our homes.

There’s definitely a lot of information to be found from remodeling a kitchen to refinishing a piece of furniture. We are lucky to have shows like HGTV and Martha Stewart that are full of creative people that share ideas, advice and suggestions.

BHG, Coastal Home, and Southern Living are just a few of the many magazines available. These magazines fill their pages with fabulous pictures, decorating ideas, gardening, and cooking ideas.

The biggest by far and my personal favorite is, social networking through the internet. Amateur home decorators are able to share our home decorating ideas with like minded people. Our ideas are shared through images, slide shows and videos. We communicate through websites, blogs, e-mail, Facebook and Twitter.

I’m an artist that has fun creating for our home. I have no interest in selling these creations or creating for other homes, but I do like sharing my ideas. Social networking has made sharing my home decorating and cooking ideas possible.

When I first began my website I was surprised by all the home decorating sites that are available. These sites consist of like minded people sharing all their secrets through images and content. Link parties have become very popular with site owners sharing their ideas in one location. This is a great opportunity for visitors to be introduced to other home decorating sites and to gather information.

There are other social networking sites that are similar to a club, but you join and become a member for free. All that’s needed to join and participate is an e-mail address and password. The sites are for site owners, professionals and visitors and offer opportunity for communicating and sharing ideas through a comment page and images.

The member sites offer a range of different opportunities. There are those that offer a way to store images, videos, photo albums and slide shows as well as communication with other members. You can also share your collection of images through e-mail, Twitter and Facebook. Site owners can embed and link images to their own website or blog.

I found slide shows work well on website or blog pages. I don’t know about you, but I like to see a lot of photos of decorating projects. The down side, web pages take a long time to load when too many photos are on a page. The up side to slide shows, the capability to show a lot of photos that do not take a long time to load.

If you like sharing and communicating with like minded people, than you definitely should try social networking with fellow home decorators on the internet. You will be able to gain a lot of information, knowledge and inspiration.